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Let yourself be swept away …

… into a fantastic, captivating and exciting world! As soon as you pass through the gates of the medieval festival nothing will be as it once was: you will become immersed in an amazing world of performers and jesters, sutlers and minstrels, knights and craftsmen. A medieval experience has been re-created with a great love of detail which invites you to join in or watch, try new things out for yourself or simply look on in wonder.v

The highlight of the Kaltenberg experience is the great Knights’ Tournament. Bold knights storm the arena and fire, light and music will capture all your senses. A spectacular live performance – the battle to win in the tournament and the conflict between good and evil.

Medieval festival for all senses

Knights’ Tournament

001 Knights’ Tournament

Music & Entertainment

002 Music & Entertainment

Market & Crafts

003 Market & Crafts

Culinary delights

004 Culinary delights

"There is a great mood and a fantastic atmosphere! Indescribable – you simply have to experience it for yourself!"

Michael M.
father of two

"A journey in time well worth going on. Great! For me, the festival is the highlight of the summer!"

Florian K

"I haven’t had such fun with my friends for a long time – at last, something different to the usual going out!"

Rebecca B.

Experience the Medieval Ages live

Blog Posts

7. July 2014

Kaltenberger Performers’ Night

gauklernacht Kopie

Friday 18. July 2014: a journey into another world. Mystical poetry determines this acrobatic programme full of light, music and fiery magic which has developed into a real crowd puller…

Further great events in Kaltenberg

Trailer Kaltenberger Ritterturnier 2014



Es sind genügend Karten an der Tageskasse erhältlich

Der Online-Vorverkauf wurde für heute aus organisatorischen Gründen leider schon geschlossen.

Es sind aber für die heutige Veranstaltung noch ausreichend Karten an der Tageskasse vorhanden!!! Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!